Review: “Martika’s Kitchen” by Martika (CD, 1991)

Today I rescued 3 CDs from a fate unknown. So, here’s the first of them – the 1991 follow-up album by Martika called ‘Martika’s Kitchen‘. Does this album serve up a banquet of tunes, or does it cook up a stink? Read on…

Martika's Kitchen (1991) - Martika
Martika’s 1991 album, ‘Martika’s Kitchen’.

Firstly, this album has had the touch of Prince on it.

Apparently she approached him, and this ended up with her having the title track Martika’s Kitchen written solely by him (and it certainly tells), and three co-writer credits.

Second track Spirit is also highly musically reminiscent of Madonna‘s Vogue (released the previous year), but it’s lyrics aren’t as catchy, and I can’t begin to imagine how you’d dance to it.

This album didn’t replicate the success of her debut eponymous 1988 album, Martika, although it fared better outside the US.

The big hit here, is the Prince co-written track Love… Thy Will Be Done, which you can definitely imagine Prince singing, but Martika’s breathy vocals and the soft backing track really works wonders.

The track Coloured Kisses was also a single, I can easily imagine it to have been a track on one of Louise‘s first two 90s albums.

Martika’s lead single ‘Love… Thy Will Be Done’


Listening to it for the first time, here in 2014, gives me something that has really dated.

Some of the tracks are quite simply forgettable, and I wonder whether I would have felt the same if I had heard this album 23 years earlier when it was new.

Rated 2 stars - A tough listen!
  • My POP RESCUE 2014 RATING: 2 / 5
  • 1991 UK CHART POSITION: #15
  • POP RESCUE COST: £1.00 (rescued from a Poundland – they had multiple copies)

One thought on “Review: “Martika’s Kitchen” by Martika (CD, 1991)

  1. “Love thy will be done” is really one of my all-time favorite pop songs. This song is unbelievably haunting, beautiful, hypnotic and magical. But…. the problem is that I fnd the rest of the album very, very mediocre as far as I’m concerned. The title track and “Broken heart” are the only 2 other songs that I like. But the rest is mediocre at best, and dreadful at worst (“A magical place” and “Temptation” being the prime example).


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