Review: “Touch Me” by Samantha Fox (Vinyl, 1986)

Today’s POP RESCUE from obscurity, is the vinyl edition of the 1986 album Touch Me, by former glamour and Page 3 Sun model Samantha Fox, and it’s still complete with its free fold-out poster! Does this album make you always want to Touch it, or trash it? Read on…

Samantha Fox's 1986 'Touch Me' album cover.
Samantha Fox’s 1986 ‘Touch Me’ album.

This 10 track LP opens with debut single Touch Me (I Want Your Body) – a huge #3 UK hit single for Samantha and spent 5 weeks in the UK’s top ten. It also gave her a hit in the US. This song is a fantastic encapsulation of 80s pop on the cusp of the Kylie era, and at a time where pop had not yet strayed from a rockier stadium guitar style. At times, this song reminds me a bit of The Look Of Love by ABC, and I feel that this song is perfect – musically and vocally, and comes complete with the kind of sexual suggestion that you’d expect from an 80s Sam Fox (or a Jackson sister).

This is followed by fourth and final single, I’m All You Need, which sadly stalled at #41 in the UK charts. The song opens with some great sounding 80s synths, which really help this song to be a catchy number. I found a mondigreen in this song though – where it sounds like Sam sings ‘All you need is a bloody infection‘. She actually sings ‘All you need is hot-blooded affection‘, but I doubt I’ll ever be able to hear anything else, ever.

Next up is Suzie, Don’t Leave Me With Your Boyfriend. This is a bouncy number about how Suzie’s boyfriend is a bit of a player, and how he’s made a move on Sam. This song doesn’t particularly go very far musically, and it definitely belongs on an album.

Wild Kinda Love opens with some guys shouting ‘Wild!’ which reminds me a bit of the start to The Wild Boys by Duran Duran, and at times, Samantha’s vocals remind me a bit of Cyndi Lauper here. This is a great little catchy number.

Side One closes with real 50s inspired track Hold On Tight. This has a great authentic sound, although I could imagine Shakin’ Stevens salivating over this. This is the perfect ending to side one, and was also the third single from the album. It also comes with a great video, that’s slightly Back To The Future-ish.

Side Two opens with second single Do Ya Do Ya (Wanna Please Me), ‘Are you strong enough?’ Samantha shouts at the start. She’s taking no crap here. This is a chugging pop/rock song, with some pretty defiant lyrics and a roaring guitar solo.

Baby I’m Lost For Words is up next, which is a much lighter song, musically. Samantha’s vocals here are softer and higher than in the previous track. I could imagine this song being in an 80s teen movie.

Up next is It’s Only Love, and this is well and truly in pop territory. Obligatory 80s Saxophone makes an appearance part way through the song. There’s plenty of ‘ooh ooh ooh‘ backing vocals in this track, and in a way the vocals make it feel a little bit 60s. It’s a really nice little pop song.

He’s Got Sex aptly opens with throbbing beats before Samantha’s vocals come in. This song has a great chugging pace, although the verses are a bit empty. The chorus makes up for it – as Samantha belts that out against a background of guitars and vocal samples.

The album closes with Drop Me A Line, which is a great little pop song – musically and vocally. It bounces along perfectly, with a mixture of synths and guitar, and definitely aided by the repeated backing vocal ‘Ooh’ sample. Just as Hold On Tight was the perfect closer for side one (telling you to hold on tight for side two), this song ends the album with a slightly flirty ‘why don’t you drop me a line’ before I go message.

Pop Rescue Rating

Overall, this album is a great pop album, and one that perfectly launched Samantha’s long musical career. The sound is truly 80s and that’s a wonderful thing, and this suits Samantha’s voice perfectly. I’m glad that she has continued to make music and tour, and this album is brilliant.

Rated 4 stars - You're missing a treat!
  • 1986 UK CHART PEAK POSITION: #17 , certified Gold.
  • 2015 POP RESCUE COST: £2.00 from an Emmaus store.

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