POP RESCUE: ‘Hormonally Yours’ by Shakespears Sister (CD, 1992)

I’ve rescued this CD – the second album from Shakespears Sister – ‘Hormonally Yours’ from 1992.

Hormonally Yours by Shakespears Sister

There’s ~that~ big song on this album.

Yes, that one – Stay.

And probably most of you will only know that one Shakespears Sister song, but the duo (accomplished pop stars ex-Bananarama Siobhan Fahey, and soloist Marcella Detroit) released a few singles from this 12 track album, and it’s predecessor.

The opening track, the first single from this album, is Goodbye Cruel World and it acts as a great beginning. This is pop with real drums and guitars (take that, Alice DeeJay!) and a great blend of scaling vocals. Then we’re into the catchy how-the-hell-could-you-follow-up-Stay? single I Don’t Care.

Other singles lurking on this album are My 16th Apology and Hello (Turn Your Radio On) – both great tracks.

At times, I find Marcella Detroit’s vocal reach a little bit Kate Bush (and sorry, not a fan of the latter), but it works with her in contrast with Siobhan’s lower vocals. There’s also moments when I swear I hear Alison Goldfrapp (on Emotional Thing) and Shirley Manson from Garbage (on The Trouble With Andre).

In 1995, trip-hop artist Tricky sampled a piece of the intro to the 9th track – Moonchild – for his track Overcome. As a big fan of Tricky, I’m a bit dumbstruck as to just how tiny the sample is. I’m pretty sure he could have avoided sampling this track – seeing as he sped it up, and smothered it in beats.

Of all the tracks here, it’s ironically only Let Me Entertain You (no, not the Robbie Williams track) that feels like a filler.

Where are Shakespears Sister now?

Well, after this album, Siobhan and Marcella parted company abruptly, and have apparently not seen or spoken to each other since. Marcella went on to record as a solo artist.

Siobhan continued to perform and record under the Shakespears Sister moniker from 1993, and has more recently also occasionally performed with old bandmates Bananarama.

It looks like Shakespears Sister might never be quite as famous as her brother 😉


UK CHART 1992 POSITION: #3, certified 2x Platinum

POP RESCUE COST: £1 (from a Poundland).

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